5 Ways to Earn from Social Media Marketing

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Are you also the one who is bored from your regular job? Or it’s not giving you mental satisfaction, then there are some ways by which you can earn by following your passion and publishing content on social media while staying happy.

earn from social media

How to earn from social media marketing. What are the ways and methods available to earn from home

Ever since digital in India has started to penetrate the markets, people have come out with some innovative ways to earn by doing what they like the most and not just doing the regular office work. There are people who earn Million’s of Dollars by working on the content for Social Media.

In this article, we will highlight some key areas by which you can also start to earn online and put your entire energy for generating money rather than just spending hours on Social Media.

Online Career Option1: The Fashion Blogger

fashion blogger conducting a review of new fashionable apparel and accessories collection to earn from social media marketing

Brands, especially the ones in fashion are looking for new and fresh content to engage with their audience. Cost of professional photoshoot is a bomb and doesn’t always give that realistic outcome that users are looking for. As everyone knows that when people shop online the products which reach to them is totally different or look different on them in comparison to the professional model and shoot which was shown in the website.

So, what you can do is get your own instagram or blog created and start approaching fashion brands and online portals who are looking to get such content and initially you can settle for lower denominations or even freebies to get the product review done for the brand and as you grow and become more professional in your approach you can even charge INR 50,000 – 3,00,000 Per Review that you do on social. Its all about how creative are you in your approach and presenting the content online.


Online Career Option2: The Travel Blogger or Vlogger

Travel Video Blogger recording her experiences to earn from blogging on social media


Who doesn’t like to travel or move for a Holiday? We all spend a lot on our travel whether its weekend getaways or honeymoon trips or leisure holidays. But what if we travel for free? or we are paid to travel, doesn’t it sounds interesting?

Travel Video Logging or Blogging is the profession which can give you those magical numbers in your bank account which no other profession can give. There are people who earn $10,000 Per Post they do on their social media handles. But thats a bit long journey which you need to travel by ensuring that you are following the right path. For that the first and foremost point that you need to understand is what is that you are good at. Is it value, luxury or cheap travel that you can bring the best on the table for others.

Based on your skills and interest you should select the forte and then start your journey with sharing something which your users might be interested in. Like if its the cheap thing you are good at then share some exciting places that one can travel under 10,000 or even 5,000. You Travel yourself and then write how one can save cost on travel and still get the best of experience.

Once people would start to follow you, you will get the confidence to cover more of your stories and then there would be companies approaching you or sponsoring you to travel and rate hotels, flights and more.

Online Career Option3: The Technology Guru

Concept of young bloggers is reviewing a mobile phone for Internet. Talking about features and benefits to share in their social network.

Every week there is some device which is getting launched and today everyone likes to read its reviews before they buy it for themselves. This has actually created a lot of work for the people who likes to try their hands on new technology and review it for others for which they get paid or can earn based on the number of times their video was watched. There are several youtubers who have been managing their channel actively and travel across the world to attend launch events and cover product releases and hands on experience with the product.

For those who love technology and are freak about it then this the best way to capitalize on their interest. All you need to do is get your hands on the latest products either by purchasing it and then reselling it in the marketplace or borrowing it from your friends and family for the review. To give an overview, people earn between INR 50,000 – 1,50,000 Monthly by just doing reviews. So, what are you waiting for? Get your camera today and start producing content which people would like to watch.


Online Career Option4: Web-Series & Individual Channels

Woman working on exclusive content for her channel to engage her audience on social media.

We all love watching content which make us laugh, and there are several channels which are working on spoofs, character based scripts and much more. One of the big example is AIB which is so famous that they are even covered by media and PR. Another of such example is filter copy where they copy up with some real life incidents and add some twist and turns to it. One good video is watched by millions and is shared amongst family and friends but this is something which would need good efforts on your acting skills if you are doing it alone.

There are several individuals who are operating their channels individually where they play various roles to complete the script themselves. And one good video if it reaches to million then you can start expecting a monthly earning of INR 1,50,000 – INR 15,00,000. 

But, as mentioned this requires some serious skills and efforts in order to achieve these magical figures.


Online Career Option5: Beauty Blogger

An attractive beauty blogger reviewing the product to earn from social media marketing

Woman and beauty is something which is an adjective and would never die. Beauty products are hot cakes in the market, if you can promise and deliver what your audience is looking for then your products would sell like fire in the market. In the age of organic, herbal and Ayurvedic products, International products have always been a favorite choice of majority of the audience.

Its not because its just international but they have proven it over the years and woman are not looking to experiment much with their skin and body. So what to do in such scenario? As for beauty products its very important that one should try and recommend it to others.

To bridge these gaps, Beauty bloggers have started to own the space. Woman have created their channels and are reviewing by doing tutorials on various swatches and shades of every product and at the end of every review they recommend it based on your skin type and complexion to help you chose the best product for you. Plus in the age of online shopping it becomes easy for the woman to buy something which has been tried and tested by others (especially when its about their body and skin). And woman generally earn between INR 10,000 – INR 15,000 Per such review which is likely to go up based on your number of followers in your account.

Aren’t these lucrative enough to plan your career? What more you can do is start this along with your current job and see how it goes. Then after sometime you can shift from part time blogger to full time bloggers to earn from digital and social media marketing.

Wish you good luck !


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